Coolers: Filled with ice and water then transported from the concession stand to each dugout. Plastic cups taken to dugouts.

Corner Flags: Taken from the equipment building between the dugouts and placed in the corners of the field. 

Garbage: Trash cans should be checked at the beginning of the shift for trash liners. Loose trash should be collected around the dugout, field area, concession stand and bleachers and swept or blown if necessary.

Bathrooms: Check restrooms for soap and paper products.  Make sure they are clean and presentable.



Setup: Table is in the concession stand. Money boxes will be dropped off or in the concession stand. Count money, sign card – requires 2 signatures.

Clean up: Count money – leave starting money in box for next game. Sign card – requires 2 signatures. Turn box in to concession stand. Return tables to concession stand. Check gate areas to make sure if it free of trash and sweep if necessary.

Tickets: $5.00 for JV and Varsity

Season Pass: Check the list with photos showing each pass that is accepted.

Teachers with proper school identification from home or visitor team enter free of charge.

CHS students with a gold or silver card get into the game free of charge.



CHS parent volunteers are to sell food, collect money and keep crowd moving.  

Setup:  Count money box from Board member/Treasurer.  Sign card verifying amount in money box. Set out condiments (mustard, ketchup, etc.). Set out disposable gloves, foil sheets, paper plates, etc. Keep drinks stocked in ice to remain cold.

End of shift: Remove all condiments and refrigerate. Put all disposable gloves, foil sheets, paper plates, etc. away. Remove all drinks from cooler and put in refrigerator. Dump all ice outside concession stand. Wipe down sink and counters. Pick up any trash in and around the concession stand. Sign card – requires 2 signatures.

A more detailed list can be found in the concession stand.


If you have any questions on Volunteering for a Position, contact – Lisa Rader, Volunteer Chair.

If you have any questions about a specific duty, please contact the committee chair for Admissions or Concessions.



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