Sophie Capitanelli

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What is your full name?

Sophie Capitanelli

What are your goals for the future?

to graduate college and get a job in sports medicine

What are some highlights of your soccer career at CHS?

I won players award my freshman year, and coaches award my junior year.

What was your most memorable game?

My most memorable game is when we played Clarksville this year in the pouring rain, and every time you kicked the ball it would stop because of how wet the field was.

What are your soccer plans for the future?

To play college ball at Harding university.

What advice would you offer to freshman players?

I would tell the freshman to never give up. Hard work pays off if you see it or not. Also, appreciate your parents and everything they do for you, because one day when you go to college they won't always to be able to come to your games and cheer you on.

What will you miss the most about playing for the CHS Lady Dragons?

What I will miss most is all the laughs and fun time I have had throughout the years playing on this team and being able to represent the town of Collierville playing the sport I love.

What has the support of your family meant to you?

The support of my family means everything to me because they have stuck by my side even through the rough times, and have always come to every game and been my number one fan cheering me on.

What are the funniest moments you recall about playing for the Lady Dragons?

The funniest moment being a lady dragon is when Shelby sucked Emmy's toe for 5 Twix on the bus on the way to a tournament.

What is your G.P.A.?


What college do you plan to attend?

Harding University

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