Mya Gargone

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What is your full name?

Mya Gargone

What are your goals for the future?

To be as successful as possible and live a great life.

What are some highlights of your soccer career at CHS?

St. Agnes game senior year. Captain and MVP offense JV sophomore year.

What was your most memorable game?

Strongsville Ohio, Knoxville senior year

What are your soccer plans for the future?

To play collegiately.

What advice would you offer to freshman players?

Don’t take these years for granted. Take this as an opportunity to grow as a player and as a person with these people. They’ll end up meaning a whole lot to you.

What will you miss the most about playing for the CHS Lady Dragons?

The team itself and representing our school . All of our trips. Matt.

What has the support of your family meant to you?

Without my family I couldn’t have gotten this far. Their support means everything to me and I couldn’t thank them enough.

What are the funniest moments you recall about playing for the Lady Dragons?

Slipping and falling in the dugout sophomore year because I got a 100 on my math quiz. Kate and Mk accidentally kissing on the bus, knox jr. year. The convo at mellow mushroom in knox senior year...

What is your G.P.A.?


What college do you plan to attend?

Christian Brothers University

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