Emily Samisch

Emily Samisch.JPG

What is your full name?

Emily Samisch

What are your goals for the future?

To get my undergraduate degree from Mississippi State get into law school graduate from law school and have a successful career and family

What are some highlights of your soccer career at CHS?

Holding the school record for most shutouts and least goals against percentage. Being two time state semi finalist and state finalist

What are your soccer plans for the future?

To play division 1 college soccer at Mississippi State University

What was your most memorable game?

Junior year state final against Houston and all 32 saves freshman year beating Briarcrest and being told by my parents I wasn’t allowed to talk to my sister afterwards if we beat Houston the day before this is read aloud i’d say that game too

What advice would you offer to freshman players?

Enjoy your time with your coaches and teammates because one day you’ll be wishing youre a senior and then the next day you actually are one and you’re wishing you weren’t

What will you miss the most about playing for the CHS Lady Dragons?

definitely my teammates and coaches and all my CHS soccer family they’ve had more of an impact on me than they’ll ever know

What has the support of your family meant to you?

The support of my family means everything to me. my parents are my best friends and the most selfless people because they have done everything they can to help me make my dreams come true. and even though she’s not here shut out to my sister for being a great role model and friend

What are the funniest moments you recall about playing for the Lady Dragons?

Zoe’s concerns for vasoline. When Allison lost in a race to momma Matt and then called him fat.

What is your G.P.A.?


What college do you plan to attend?

Mississippi State University