Allison Morrison

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What is your full name?

Allison Morrison

What are your goals for the future?

Play soccer in college, graduate with Mrs. degree, be successful and see where life takes me

List some of your highlights of your soccer career at CHS?

Varsity all 4 years, 2 time state semi finalist and finalist, captain junior and senior? year, not getting the stupid shirt

What was your most memorable game?

Freshman year Houston game when I had to man mark Paola

What are your soccer plans for the future?

Play at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock

What advice would you offer to freshman players?

When coming on this team you are joining a family. There will be laughing, crying, crying laughing, burps, kisses, yelling, fights, and so much more and I promise you won't want it any other way. Be in the moment and soak up every minute because I swear I was only a freshman yesterday. AND WASH YOUR PRACTICE JERSEY.

What will you miss the most about playing for the CHS Lady Dragons?

All the friendships and memories I've made, the Collierville crazies, our fart friendly policy and most importantly, Momma.

What has the support of your family meant to you?

Absolutely everything. I'm so grateful for all the sacrifices they make for me even when I'm a brat and don't deserve it. I love y'all and I can't thank y'all enough. And shout out to my boo Courtney.

What are the funniest moments you recall about playing for the Lady Dragons?

ACCIDENTALLY calling Matt fat. When coach G farted and blamed it on a snake. Kate and MK kissing and then Kate peeing herself right after.

What is your G.P.A.?


What college do you plan to attend?

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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