Meet The Player Breakfast

Who: All players and their parents


This required event allows parents and players an opportunity to get to know each other better! This day serves as a kick-off event for the season and helps to ensure smooth sailing throughout the year for our players.

When: Saturday, February 16, 2018 TIME 8-10 am

Where: West Collierville Middle School


Breakfast will be catered from Chik-Fil-A.

In an effort to keep costs down, we are asking for volunteers to bring the following items:

Gallons of Milk
Gallons of Orange Juice
Grapes-washed and ready to eat
Sausage Balls
Pigs in a blanket

If you would be willing to bring any of the above items, please email Rhiannon Fisher at or call her at 901-288-7546.

The Gauntlet

During our Meet the Player breakfast, parents will travel through the "Gauntlet" -- a series of strenuous events that only the most dedicated can outlast. The Gauntlet is comprised of three stages:

Stage One: Fee Collection and Packet Dissemination

Our treasurer and our other board members take Booster fees and
hand out parent packets (contact sheets, family passes, schedules, budgets, etc.)

Stage Two: Contact Sheet Verification

Make sure all of your contact information is current.

Stage Three: Extra Training Jerseys

In the event that any extra training jerseys, or long sleeve training jerseys are desired for purchase, it would be done here.

After all the parents have signed in and signed up we eat. After breakfast each boy introduces himself and his parents to the remainder of the team. When all introductions are complete, the booster president will introduce the booster board and explain the function of the board and the booster club. Afterwards, the president will introduce the head coach who will address the parents: Why play high school soccer? ; JV vs. Varsity ; explain the importance and necessity of volunteerism (esp. in context of our facility) ; expectations of players and parents ; the financing of the program ; reinforce positive participation, pride in the program, represent Collierville.

After the presentation, the boys will participate in a team bonding event.

The Ticket Blitz will be February 23rd.